Upcoming Attractions

  • Optional feet – using controllers on feet for ball kicking off the plank.

The Plank

  • Real life plank set-up demo video
  • Ability to re-orientate plank in VR
  • DONE. Save previous settings for plank measurements
  • DONE Something (Not sure what yet) at the end of the plank!
  • BUG. Player height shrinks if user plays on edge of plank and rocks back and forth
  • DONE: Make falling possible if lean over the plank too far
  • DONE: Cake
  • DONE: Optional real life plank set-up – callibrate length, width, height and orientation


Fire Deck

  • Multiple fires in the city to extinguish with hose
  • Cape effect
  • More levels
  • Racing level of some sort
  • Congratulations fly over
  • DONE. Hose backpack
  • DONE. Rocket hands for flying
  • DONE. Set up automatic wind resistance

Sky Brush

  • DONE. Colour for paint / rocket hands


Graphical Improvements / General

  • Fix elevator doors (Bug)
  • Car wheels to turn
  • Traffic to stop at lights
  • More realistic cars and traffic
  • Large City. Procedurally generated
  • Better textures on some buildings
  • Add colliders to all buildings
  • More billboards and signs
  • Road aligned to Zero and no Z fighting.
  • Mixed Reality set up
  • DONE. Footpaths
  • DONE. Fix cloud glitch
  • DONE. Warp back to lift (for pre-set plank measurements)
  • DONE. More simple menu setting – add advance setting tab.

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