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We create short, fun and interactive games for people who wish to immerse themselves in a virtual reality.

Our first game, Richie’s Plank Experience is available on Steam and Viveport.

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Raytrace Lighting VS Unity Baked Lighting

I bought the raytrace lighting asset and below is a greyscale comparison of no lighting, unity 5 lighting result of the raytrace lighting. The raytrace was much easier to achieve and in a much faster bake time. I think it looks more realistic.    

Santa Simulator

Recent Update Welcome to Santa Simulator, now on Richie's Plank Experience. There's a mysterious bell in the elevator. Ring it! 15 Second Gif - Ride Santa's sleigh, dropping presents in chimneys. Use the trigger on your...

Indie Game Devs. Now is your time for VR.

It’s like the 80’s again where indie devs ruled. Vive owners can’t get enough. They are throwing money at any game that comes out. Steam are letting devs in without going through GreenLight. Early numbers look great compared to mobile. I’d bet that 200 hrs of...