Custom version of Richie’s Plank Experience

We can offer customised versions of Richie’s Plank Experience for your event or business at a cost of $2,000 USD.  The customisation version will include;

  • Your logo on the city billboards
  • Option to remove levels in elevator. (Eg. Plank only option)
  • Option to set maximum time per person.

There is a possibility of choosing additional objects for the plank. (Extra cost. Conditions apply.)

We will provide the customised versions within 2 weeks of receiving the deposit. We require a 50% deposit to begin.  International transfers may take a few days to process as we are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Customised versions of Richie’s Plank Experience will be available on Steam and VivePort. You will be given an admin code to access your custom experience via the latest update on either platform.

Please note: $2,000 USD is the minimum cost to customise Richie’s Plank Experience. Although we would like to offer different versions for many special occasions, charities and companies. We are a husband & wife team and our time is very limited. The cost reflects the time taken away from our main focus and future projects.

Please contact if you would like to customise Richie’s Plank Experience.