Thanks to everyone who has helped test our first VR development Richie’s Plank Experience. We have had a great response for feedback so far and we are listening to your suggestions.   We are so excited that other people are excited to try our VR experience.


Your response so far….

Martinfr3 emailed to say: 


We were having a BLAST with the plank and my son found rocket hands and is going BERSERK!! HAHHAA Too much fun!! The exhaust trails are such a great touch!!

Our Steam page went live 31 August.

The Reddit followers voted for us…

‘Richie’s Plank Experience’ = worst game title(We know, it’s not great.)


Youtube Feedback: 

 illpoet13 posted a great video review from the whole family

The conversation on Reddit has provided lots of information and a benchmark for what people expect.   We will release an early access experience around the first week of September.  After the first release we will continue to add optional extras, such as feet controllers and mixed reality (See our road map). I feel like now is probably a good time to remind everyone, we are a husband & wife indie development team. I’m so scared people will have big expectations and then start sending us hate mail.  Another reason we really value honest and critical feedback now!

More Tester Feedback:

Love the shadow on the plank – makes a world of difference. Still think there should be a point to the plank – pick something up at the end maybe? Make it longer, have ricketty bits in the middle maybe? Have the birds fly at your head maybe? Whilst I do love the flying, you don’t get the stomach clench that you do from the plank, so for me that should be the area of concentration.

Cant wait to see what the other options in the lift are. There’s very little I don’t like, just needs more polishing but overall it’s fab!

Early Tester


Overall the feedback so far is – you like it, but you want more to do!

Here’s what will definitely be added before the Early Access release on Steam.

  • Fires around the city that you can extinguish with a hose. (Flying mode).
  • Something (we haven’t decided yet) at the end of the plank.
  • Real life plank set up option
  • Rocket hands