If you really want to immerse yourself in Richie’s Plank Experience we suggest setting up a real-world plank.

Note: The plank dimensions and orientation (including height) are customisable.


What you need:

1 x Plank: The size of the plank will depend on your room size.  Keep in mind you will need a small space at the beginning of your plank for the elevator.  Minimum plank length is 3ft (approx 1m).

1 x Thick book: or something similar. Have something strong and steady to hold your weight. A book will keep the plank slightly elevated at the start of the plank. Then, users will then feel a slight drop when walking toward the middle of the plank.

8 x Sponges or foam: This will soften the impact between the plank and the ground. When you walk on the plank it moves side to side slightly.


How to set up the plank

Step 1: Position your plank.

To maximise space consider your plank to be positioned diagonally, preferably both ends of the plank seen by light house.

Keep a small space clear at the beginning of your plank for the elevator. Enough space to stand before the plank.


Step 2: Place a book under the start of the plank.
Step 3: Place sponges under the middle and end of the plank.

The sponges placed at the edge of the plank will prevent the board from hitting the ground when the board wobbles side to side.



Launch Richie’s Plank Experience. On your desktop click ‘Setup Real Plank’ tab in menu.

Follow directions to set up the plank in VR.

Put your headset on to save the settings.

Enjoy the elevator ride! 



  • The first step from the elevator onto the plank is often the scariest. Don’t start the experience already standing on the plank!
  • A slight dip in the middle of the plank, makes for a scarier experience.
  • If possible, mark out the plank position and save your measurements for next time.
  • Add a real-world wind effect and position a fan at the end of the plank! Switch it on when the elevator doors open.


There are plenty of variations of materials you can use for a real-world plank. When we began creating Richie’s Plank Experience we used an old table-top with thongs (flip-flops) underneath to make it wobble. It still had a great effect – Although it was too wide to have your feet feel the edge of the plank, if you dare to do that!

Please share your plank setup suggestions and questions in the comments below.