Branded Version (Holiday Special) of Richie’s Plank Experience


Must prepare pictures before ordering this custom version. See below requirements.

Only available for Steam compatible VR headsets.



  • You must provide (up to 3) images in 16:9 jpg format (2560x1440).
  • You must name the picture files according to where you want them positioned in the game:
    • CityBillboard
    • InsideElevator
    • BackElevatorDoor
  • Once you checkout, you must provide a public cloud sharing link (Google Drive or Dropbox) that includes your properly named pictures.
  • If you have any questions, you can email us at

Please note that we will not accept orders including images depicting nudity, drugs or graphic violence.

When your custom version of Richie's Plank Experience is ready (3 business day turnaround), we will provide you with:

  • a Steam key
  • private channel access on Steam

Reminder: Your custom version will include:

  • Your branding on the city billboard.
  • Your branding on the inside of the elevator wall.
  • Your branding on the back of the elevator door.
  • Plank only elevator button.
  • 30-day licence for Steam